Hey everyone, can someone explain to me why it is so difficult in finding someone who does quality work. I am not here to bash the profession but a lot of guys bs in this field? Does anyone want to make money or rather just play warcraft....:?:

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My "ace" for almost 30 years has been, helping people do what THEY want, not what I think they "should" want.
This is a "profession" with few "professionals"; most are tinkerers, and nothing more. They are oblivious to the difference in "considerations" between their warcraft box and an Exchange Server. They will tell you all about how Bill would have done it; if he had been smart. And when your system locks up or crashes after their "help", they will assure you that it "shouldn't have". They rarely stop giving you their answer long enough for you to ask your question.
And I am thankful that they do; those who know the difference are much easier to work with. PLUS they are willing to pay for solutions, which cost much more than excuses and explanations.
Are you looking to get something specific done, or just venting?


It's easier to BS and try and confuse someone else than actually sit back and listen to what a customer wants and deliver it.
The only thing I would say though is that sometimes the client has to be guided - and by this I don't mean told what to do but given good advice based on experience ( Including DON'T put a 4.5MB+ video clip on each page! ).

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