I want to write a simple application in Ruby to send a sms message.

Is there any free sms gateway to try it out ?

Any good sites/tutorials for developing the sms code ?



We've just launched a new self service SMS gateway called me2mobile.com

You can find tutorials and code examples on the site.

Hope this helps



Do you need to receive SMS? If you need to receive SMS, you will need to host your own GSM device or modem so that people can send you SMS.

If not, you can just use internet SMS gateways like clickatell as mentioned above will do the work, and post to them by HTTP, XML or email. The cost is about 6-8 cents per SMS. There are cheaper services, but not always reliable. If you need to host your own GSM device, you can use software like http://www.kannel.org (GPL Open Source) or <snipped>. Alternatively, you may obtain a shortcode from your Telco - but these come with monthly subscription of maybe one or two hundreds.