hi friends,
i have to Update a ASP site for designing. The existing site is designed such as page by page. No any CSS template is used. And now i want to Update it's designing in new view. Also the user don't want that i use the CSS for new designing. The project includes near about 400 pages. Its really a heavy and tedious task to edit each page individually. If any solution or trick you know then please help me.

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whats that site about? kinda products?

hi fatipiristine,
Thanks for sowing interest and reply.
Its a general informative site.
Contains some data transactions.
Some Images and Data.
Its all about the site.

Well, you can go through them and write down common design attributes such as font families, colors, etc. Then open about 20 pages at a time, or more depending on your computer's abilities, and just do a search/replace for entire site/pages open.

Or you can go behind the person's back and do CSS anyway. It's not smart, at all, to avoid css.

Try to convince the guy that it is the most widely used language around, next to HTML. It's an industry standard and his site is falling behind. Then ensure your client that it will look exactly the same, just a cleaner, more editable code.

Is your client not wanting an included template, or no CSS at all??

Thanks. I will do exactly you said.