I am php newbie and I don't know if I am approaching this properly.
I need to creat a scheduler that list the appointment time on the left
and client for a specific appointment time on the left.
NOTE: The appointments are stored in a Mysql database
This is what I am trying to acomplish:
Time | client Name
09:00 AM |
10:00 AM | John Smith
11:00 AM |
09:00 PM | Mike Smith

The problem I am having is getting the appointments on the
right to match up with the time on the left.

This is what I am getting with the code below:

Time | client Name
09:00 AM | John Smith
10:00 AM | Mike Smith
11:00 AM |
09:00 PM |

  /**--------------------------time interval--------------------**/
  //array with time interval listing found on the left side of the page
  $time_60min_array = array(
  '06:00 AM', '07:00 AM', '08:00 AM', '09:00 AM', '10:00 AM', '11:00 AM', 
  '12:00 PM', '01:00 PM', '02:00 PM', '03:00 PM', '04:00 PM', '05:00 PM', 
  '06:00 PM', '07:00 PM', '08:00 PM', '09:00 PM');
  /**-------------select appointment from database-----------------**/
  // select by date to match to time interval listing
  $query = "SELECT distinct(event_id), event_date, event_time, event_am_pm, 
                   first_name, last_name, 
           FROM cal_appointment 
       WHERE event_date = '$event_date'
       ORDER BY event_date, event_am_pm, event_time";
   $result = mysqli_query($mysqli, $query) or die('Error, query failed');
  echo "<div id=\"Layer4\" style=\"position:absolute;  margin: 4px; width:100%; height:20px; z-index:4; left: 4px; top: 430px;\">\n";
  echo "<table width=\"98.5%\" margin=\"\" left =\"4\" align=\"center\">
       <td width=\"30%\" height=\"12\" align=\"center\" bgcolor=\"#eeeee0\"><span class=\"style20\"><strong>Time</strong></span></td>
          <td width=\"68%\" height=\"12\" align=\"center\" bgcolor=\"#eeeee0\"><span class=\"style20\"><strong>Patient</strong></span></td>
  echo "</table>\n";
  echo "</div>\n";
  //search area display area layer and table
  echo "<table width=\"99%\"  border=\"0\">
         <tr align=\"center\" bgcolor=\"#FFFFFF\" height=\"\">
          <td width=\"100%\" >
           <div id=\"Layer2\" style=\"position:absolute; width:100%; height:500px; z-index:2; left: 4px; top: 465px;\">
            <div id=\"scroll-box2\" style=\"overflow: auto; float: left; width: 100%; height: 480px;  margin: 5px; \">\n";
     //table begins
     echo "<table width=\"100%\" height=\"332\" left =\"4\" align = \"\" border=\"0\" font face =\"arial\">\n";
     $result = mysqli_query($mysqli, $query) or die('Error, query failed');
 for($i=0; $i < count($time_60min_array ); $i++)
  $row = mysqli_fetch_array($result); 
   list($event_id, $event_date, $event_time, $event_am_pm,$first, $last) = $row;
       //format time
       $appoint_time = $hour.":".$minutes." ".$am_pm;
       //match appointment time on right to time listing on left       
       if(in_array($appoint_time,  $time_60min_array))
     $s_event_id = $event_id; 
              $client_name = $last.", ".$first;
  //display list
  echo"<tr height=\"10\">
   <td width=30% height=\"10\" bgcolor=\"$bgcolor\" align=\"center\">$time_interval[$i]</td>
       <td width=\"70%\"  height=\"10\" bgcolor=\"$bgcolor\"><span class=\"style20\">$client_name</td>\n";
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I forgot to add the end of the table structure

echo "</div>\n";
echo "</td>\n";
echo "</tr>\n";
echo "</table>\n";
echo "</table>\n";

Thanks for the info its was the best way to make this work.

This is the solution, this final code allows you to double book appointments.


 /**---------------------------appointment interval--------------------------**/
        case 10:
       $add_time = 600; //10 min appointment

      case 15:
       $add_time = 900; //15 min appointment

      case 20:
   $add_time = 1200; //20 min appointment

      case 30:
   $add_time = 1800; //30 min appointment

      case 60:
   $add_time = 3600; //60 min appointment

   $add_time = 900; //15 min appointment
     /**-------------------------------search by date-----------------------------------**/
     $query = "SELECT  event_id, event_date, event_time, 
         first_name, last_name
        FROM cal_appointment 
        WHERE a.event_date = '$event'
        GROUP BY a.event_id, a.event_date, a.event_time, 
                 first_name, last_name
        ORDER BY event_time, last_name, first_name

     $result = mysqli_query($mysqli, $query) or die('Error, query failed');

   /************************** this section displays events********************************/
 /**-Note: <table> tags etc. go here**/

 //declare array
 $events = array();

  //Storing the rows rather than outputting them immediately
  while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result))
              $events[] = $row;
   //Loop over the hours from 9AM to 6PM
   for ($time = $start_time; $time <= $end_time; $time += $add_time)
  //format 24 hour time interval for passing via url
  $interval_24hr =  date("H:i:s", $time);

       echo "<tr>";
          //Output the time interval label
        echo"<td width=\"10%\" height=\"15\" bgcolor=\"#e6e8fa\" align=\"center\">".date("h:i A", $time)."</td>";

      //start of next cell
      foreach ($events as $event)
        list($event_hr,$event_min,$event_sec) = split(":",$event['event_time']);

     //convert event time for comparison 
     $event_time = mktime($event_hr, $event_min, $event_sec);

           //Event falls into this hour
      if($event_time >= $time && $event_time < ($time + $add_time))
               //format client name
       $client_name = $event['last_name'].", ".$event['first_name'];

            //looping data diaplayed      
            echo "<td width=\"20%\"  height=\"10\" bgcolor=\"$bgcolor\"><span class=\"style20\"><div style = \"margin-left:10;\">$client_name</td>";
   }//end if

         }//end foreach

     echo "</tr>";
  }//end for

  /**Note: end of </table> etc. goes here**/

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