Dear All,

I am installing Zoomla for the first time in my local machine.
When it came to the 4rth Step (Database), i gave the DB details of my database created online, but it couldn't connect to the DB online. Therefore i created a new DB in the localhost and provided it's details.
Now in the 5th Step (FTP Configuration), should i give the FTP details of the website that would be created using Zoomla. OR, as it says, "Enter an FTP Username and Password with access to the Joomla! root directory". Does this means that Zoomla has to be hosted somewhere in the web?
I am confused.
Please provide some reference for Zoomla installation.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Perhaps your web host does not allow connections from remote computers to their database server.

You could probably leave the FTP fields blank for an installation on your local machine. Just a guess though. If you have an FTP server running on your local machine, enter the information for that server.

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