first page is a that user name and password are to be accessed from oracle database and then matched on button click.if match occurs then user proceeds to next page.
So please help me out.I m getting very confused as to where to put what code..ryt from db connection to session variable that stores username for further operations on the website.I am a complete novice in java.Will be grateful if you could suggest how to go bout designing this.I.m using oracle 9.1,tomcat 4.1 and java 1.4.1.

> I am a complete novice in java.
Then what you ought to do is start studying. J2EE 1.5 first cup and J2EE tutorials on the official Sun site should be sufficient at this point in time.

> I.m using oracle 9.1,tomcat 4.1 and java 1.4.1.
Why are you stuck with antiques when the latest version of Tomcat is 6 and JDK 5/6 stable version is very well available?

as is a totally free version of Oracle 10g, and a development license of Oracle 11g Enterprise :)