I am using the local invocation code with phpAdsNew. However, I would like to make the code that it outputs XHTML compliant. Does anyone know where I could edit this in the code? Thanks!

I hate to bump threads, but it has been nearly a month and I can't seem to find any solutions anywhere. I have tried doing a google search for "xhtml phpadsnew" and for "phpadsnew xhtml" and both times the #1 result is this thread!

I would hate to have to use the JavaScript invocation code just so that I could make DaniWeb XHTML compliant. I would much rather use the local PHP code. Hmm, anyone? Please? :(

By chance did you see this posted over at http://forum.phpadsnew.com/index.php?showtopic=5953&hl=xhtml

The last post in this thread has files to download:

See this thread also for more discussion:

You will have to deal with the Flash issue.
See this article for ideas:

You will also have to deal with the "target" attribute which is not valid XHTML.

I won't be able to follow this yet, but if this help and you are able to do it, could you pls post that you have and what you did.

Hope this helps

From what I see, that's exactly what I've been after. I haven't yet tried the code that was posted though. :) I'll let you guys know how it goes.

good... I hope that helps. Please post your final, as I would like to make mine XHTML compliant

Hi cscgal... I was just wondering if you have any type of update about this

Unfortunately I have not yet had a chance to work on this. I will post an update as soon as I can.

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