i was wondering if there was any difference when you code an application using regular c++ 6 vs c++ .net 2003? Thanks

the VSC++ .NET (AKA 7.0) can compile Win32 apps just like C++ 6. I find it to be a much easier compiler to use and just look at. VSC++ .NET also has capabilities to make .NET applications which use the .NET framework and is basically a completely different language.

VC++.NET 2003 also features a GUI Form Designer..

Please note that if you want to use good ol' C++, aka without the CLR and completely unmanaged code, make sure that it's a Win32 project under the C++ project types. If it says .Net in it, then the code compiles for use with the CLR and is fully managed. That means that if you require MFC or ATL, you should use the Win32 projects, and if you want to use System.Windows.Forms you should use .Net.

Hope that helps!

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