Basically I have a table that I generating using javascript. I wrote a function to build the row and I call it a bunch of times with different parameters.

I know the individual functions work because I can pull them onto their own page and attach them to an onclick event with a button.

What I need to know is how to get the page to run the script/function when the page loads so the table is there when the user gets to the page.

I have tried using the onload event in the body tag but no luck so far.

Thanks in advance,

it will not work on onload event as dom tree has not been yet formed.

try this:
suppose function name is myFun(); then call it inside script block just after body tag , like this


Have you tried onLoad="javascript:myFun()" in the body tag?

You can also call the function with window.onLoad = myFun; inside the script block

Don't ask me why, but I finally got it working.

I just deleted everything out of the page and started from scratch. Which somehow made the onload event work. Thanks for the help everyone!