I was informed (or suggested at least) to setup some method of javascript fallback. I'm not a programmer / designer by trade but I had to finish off the site design for my site due to the original freelancer not completely the job as promised, and paid for.


Problem is the home page right off the bat looks like a mess if one is browsing with javascript disabled or using Firefox extension such as No Script. It looks beautiful when enabled otherwise.

Can someone please explain how I can go about enabling javascript fallback *hopefully* without losing the ajax tab functions found on the home page (top, below menu area)? I really would hate to lose the functionality as it serves a great deal of a purpose on the home page.

Thanks in advance.

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you can add this to head section of your index page, then create a second basic html site for the users who are not javascript enabled and then tell them that their javascript is not enabled, to see the full featured website they need to enable javascript. in the meta tab below give your second simple website index page in the url attribute so users will be redirected automatically.
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="3;URL=PageToRedirect.html">


without javascript u cant enjoy ajax, so in you can redirect user to the other page which says them to enable javascript in order to visit website.


Thanks but the code you gave is giving an error. What should I do from here?

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