so its no longer in the alpha stages?? if so thats good to hear, i had quite the time figuring it out, though i eventually got it to work.

Yeah, it's the final release. Ah, I remember. You had trouble connecting to MySQL, right?

Yeah, it's the final release. Ah, I remember. You had trouble connecting to MySQL, right?

yup but i was able to fix after moving the right dll's into my system32 folder. it was a matter of a old file being loaded before the new one.

Damn, do I hate little f-ups like this. I have no patience for tech problems. Hehe. The worse is when you follow instructions to the letter, and they don't work.

lol thats what happend. the instructions given were only half right. they didnt tell you to rebuild the file structure or what files to move. just that some of the .dll's needed to be moved.

What I really hate, is when you try to install something, and you see an error, and the instructions tell you to "contact your system administrator" or "software provider" - seriously, I feel like ripping out the eyeballs of who ever made up that cope out. It's like saying, "Umm... we don't know the answer so contact anyone but us. "

hahahahhahahahah yeah. that can be a real pain the butt. my favorite errors are ones that want you to send into microsoft in an error report.

like my dad was working on program one day, and was running Mac's iTune in the background for some testing, and it of course crashed (being that it was mac software) my dad got the would you like to send an error report, he of course did because he thought it would be funny to see the faces of the microsoft tech employees reading a macintosh program crash report. i got a good chuckle out of it.

Meanwhile.. I betcha PHP5 breaks a lot of existing PHP 4.x applications... ;-)

Yeah, that's a given. It's the same with any other major release for any piece of software.

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