Hello, mighty helpers of Daniweb! We have been running this application for two years and have hundreds of users distributed at many customer sites.
Suddenly, in January, one particular user logged in, clicked Ordering and got "Page not found" in the secondary pop-up window. The only workaround was to create a new user record. That worked for three weeks. Now that same user sees the first part of an IMG element rendered HTML on what we call the "Customer Home" page. Created a new user record and it's working again. Oh yeah, and the original account is now working again, too.

Here's the weirdest thing, though: We have had this user go to other workstations in his store and at other stores, and he observes the same problem. All of these are on the same WAN/LAN. Test outside their network, and these problems do not occur.

Because this problem can be replicated for this one user on ANY workstation inside their network, it does not appear to be a workstation problem. Just in case, I have asked them to reinstall Internet Explorer, recreate the user profile, or even replace the workstation temporarily to eliminate the possibility that it originates there.

Application details: ASP.NET application developed by a third party. It runs on .NET Framework 1.1.4322, IIS 6.0, and Windows Server 2003 SP1. SQL Server 2000 SP4 is the database and all users use IE 6 or 7.

Other items of note:
1. The problem does not occur for this user in the Firefox or Opera browsers, even within their LAN/WAN.
2. No one else from this customer or other customers has complained of this problem.

I'm at a total loss. Any ideas?


Could be many things, from software conflicts, hardware conflicts... hell, what version of windows does he run and with what service packs? Have him do a windows update and update everything. However.. have you asked him if he is running the application on the machines or on the server? If the entire network is seeing it, its either the configuration settings of the network, their firewall, or just the server if he is running it off of that.

Thank you for a quick reply! I should clarify that all these users are logging into OUR web server to conduct their orders: Windows 2003 SP1, IIS 6.0.

And when I say the entire network is seeing it, I do not mean that it is happening for all users on their network. Only for this one web site user. Doesn't matter what profile or workstation he logs in from.

Then it is an error when inserting records into the database. He might be trying to insert a string into an integer field, which fails and then causes an error everytime it searches for that field. Check out the page where you are getting this error, then check out all information used by this page. Then check out the coding, then check the coding where the records are inserted.

debugging is fun huh?