I am developing this app using ASP.NET 2.0, SQL Server 2005 express and VS 2005 express edition. All I am trying to do is use Login Web controls provided in ASP.NET 2.0 for my user login pages. When I go to ASP.NET configuration and click on Security tab I get following error

There is a problem with your selected data store. This can be caused by an invalid server name or credentials, or by insufficient permission. It can also be caused by the role manager feature not being enabled. Click the button below to be redirected to a page where you can choose a new data store.

The following message may help in diagnosing the problem: Unable to connect to SQL Server database.

and when I try "Choose Data Source" I get error

Could not establish a connection to the database.
If you have not yet created the SQL Server database, exit the Web Site Administration tool, use the aspnet_regsql command-line utility to create and configure the database, and then return to this tool to set the provider.

I've ran aspnet_regsql wizard and it has created role and membership tables in my database. I can connect to the database from the other pages of the application. Here is my web.config

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<configuration xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/.NetConfiguration/v2.0">
  <add key="CompanyName" value="Kendall Park Learning Center" />
  <add name="KPLC_OneSourceConnectionString1" connectionString="Data Source=TEXPERT002;Initial Catalog=KPLC_OneSource;Integrated Security=True"
   providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />
		  <compilation debug="true" strict="false" explicit="true"/>
				<add namespace="System"/>
				<add namespace="System.Collections"/>
				<add namespace="System.Collections.Specialized"/>
				<add namespace="System.Configuration"/>
				<add namespace="System.Text"/>
				<add namespace="System.Text.RegularExpressions"/>
				<add namespace="System.Web"/>
				<add namespace="System.Web.Caching"/>
				<add namespace="System.Web.SessionState"/>
				<add namespace="System.Web.Security"/>
				<add namespace="System.Web.Profile"/>
				<add namespace="System.Web.UI"/>
				<add namespace="System.Web.UI.WebControls"/>
				<add namespace="System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts"/>
				<add namespace="System.Web.UI.HtmlControls"/>
				<authentication mode="Windows"/>

Has anyone used login controls with SQL Server 2005 express ? can you please tell me what am I doing wrong ? :sad:

thanks in advance.:)


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Simply Reinstall your windows XP or What ever you have.........

Hi Texpert I would advise you to ignore Jack12's response there, not very good advice. I have had this issue before myself but running the aspnet_regsql resolved it. I might recommend that you retry the utility and get back to us? hope this helps!

make sure your web.config has forms authentication

<authentication mode="Forms"/>

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