I'm programming in ASP.net (C#) and I want to open the page with our reservation system in the new popup window (well, I'm not glad to do so, but it must be :rolleyes: ). Is there some way to do this using C#?


The best way is to author a JavaScript that does so. You don't want a complete server roundtrip just to open a window!

You can add scripts via "RegisterStartupScript" method of the Page object.

are you talking about a popup window or a whole new webpage/site? if you need to do a new browser window with a webpage then in the link that you have you need to set the target="_blank"

if you want to just do a popup window then the best way is a javascript:window.popup() script on the client. You can do this a few ways - code it in the source on the aspx page, have a function in a script file somewhere (preferable to script in the html) or call the ClientRegisterScript in your code behind.

Thanks, I've solved that with blank window, works fine ;)