Hi guys,

Sorry if I have started his thread in the wrong forum, I couldnt find a dreamweaver one.

I am creating a web based database and I am having a little bit of trouble creating a login page. I know that this is quite basic and I know there are a lot tutorials out there but, everything i read (including the books i have) say to use the server behaviour 'user authentication' but i do not have this option under my list of server behaviours. Does anyone have any ideas where to find this option? or what i could do?

Thanks, any ideas appreciated!


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What version of Dreamweaver are you using?

Hi, I'm using Dreamweaver MX 2004

Ok first of all, you need to make sure your using a sever-side technology on your page. Have that page open. Now go to the server behaviours tab and click the + sign to add a new behaviour, a menu will open, down torwards the bottom of that menu is the server authentication menu, just run your curser over the top and a submenu should open, there you can choose what you want to insert then a window will open for you to fill in. I use Dreamweaver 8 so I am not sure about any difference, but I assume that there pretty much the same in that manner. I hope this helps:)

Hi Richie, Thanks for getting back to me!!
I still cannot find it! when i click on the + button all I get is:-

Stored Procedure
Repeat Region
DataSet paging
Show region
Display Record Count
Dynamic Test
Insert Record
Update Record
Delete Reord
Dynamic Form Elements
Edit Server Behaviours
New Server Behaviours
Get More Server Behaviour

thats it! when i click on 'Get more.. ' it just taken me to website to buy more and there isnt even a user authentication one there.

Is there another way of doing this without using the server behaviour?



There is another way but it requires hard-coding the code in yourself, what server-side language are you using?

I will check my dreamweaver mx referrence book to see if maybe you have to activated it or something and get back to you!


Im using ASP.NET.

No worries, If I cant find a way to activate the user authentication, then I'll write the code in ASP.NET that will need to implement for you:)


I have just done some research, and I think you have a bogus copy of Dreamweaver MX. There is one more thing you can check. Click on the Insert menu at the top where the file and other menus are, then see if there is a submenu down toward the bottom called application objects, if there is, hover your curser over that to open up another submenu, have a look down toward the bottom of that menu and see if User Authentication is there. It would look something like this:

Insert->Application Objects->User Authentication

Let me know if this works?


nope, theres no User authentication under Application objects!... Dreamweaver is so frustrating!

Thanks alot for helping me!!


You must then have a very dodgy copy then, If I may ask, where did your purchase it from? And if you like, you can send me the page that you want authenticated in ASP.NET and I will hard-code it for you then send it back. If you would like to do this just private message me, then I will private message you with my email addy:)


Sorry, I meant to get back.
I worked out the problem... I think... I was using an ASP.NET page but when I opened an ASP VB Script page instead the user authentication server behaviour was there.
Does it make a difference if I use ASP instead of ASP.NET? or can I use an ASP page for the logn features and then use ASP.NET for the rest of the site??

Thanks for all your help! greatly appreiciated!


Your welcome, always glad to help:)

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