I want disable my back button in internet explorer when i am logged out.. iam using asp.net platform for my project..
i hope u willl sent me the code which may be usefull
waiting for ur reply..
thank you

actually this type of out put is gained by using sessions .

actually this type of out put is gained by using sessions .

ya i have used session..
but not able to disable back button..
the coding i have used is
response.ExpiresAbsolute= dateTime.noe.addsday(-1)
response.cacheControl = "no-cache"

After logged out ,if you click back button it should stay in same page or index page.no need to navigate any one of the login page.this is your need .Am i correct?

You cannot disable the back button. It is just not possible.

You can hide the bars with code, but by right clicking, the "back" link is still there.

You can disable the right-click but the backspace still sends you back a page.

You can disable the backspace event, and you thought of everything.

Except when the user goes to the internet explorer File -> View -> Toolbars...

And then you have to start all over again. Like I said, it's just not possible ^^

I do not think you would be able to disable the back button. My take is that you take a critical look at your design again so that it mitigates this problem.
I had the same problem some time ago and my research led to a dead end.
I had to redesign.

you use one intermediate page to redirect.it solves your problem if your need like my previous reply.

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

if you need no navigation in X page you will add this code in previous of X page.