I bought this website script from someone, it is a website that has free graphics for a popular social networking website. Since I do not know PHP/MYSQL I do not know how to upload my own layouts, graphics, etc, to my website. So I want someone to help me create a website, I have many designs in mind, I need help with coding, and creating a database. If you could also teach me how you create it along the way, that is greatly appreciated.

Since I am a student and not working, I cannot offer to pay for this project. I do not think this is a huge project. If you tell me what you are doing I can learn fast. I am using CPanel with about 2 databases. I want to delete my website and start from scratch, because I think it looks unoriginal.

I will give you the details in further emails, because it says in the rules that we cannot post links to other websites. You can work on this website on your time, and do not need to rush, because I cannot pay you unfortunately. But I will let you include my website in your list of projects you completed if your employer needs the latest projects you did. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. :)

hi this is lokesh singh this is my mail id on yahoo. i am a web developer i can help u but say what is my benifite to do it. u can mail me on "lokeshsinghjadon" at the yahoo dot com