I have a web page that prints a number from a mysql database.
Can anyone tell me how to show this number as a percent?
Does it need to be formated that way in the database table? or
Can I format it that way using the printf function at the page?
Thanks in advance for any help!

What I normally do is: if the number is a percentage you can print it directly or make the calculation with PHP... or (read below) create a function). Depending the case I don't know about any MySQL function to do this..

function perc($num) {
    return format_number($num,2)." %";
$data=mysql_fetch_object($sql)) {
    print $data->perc . " %"; # Example A
    print (($data->percn*$data->total)/100); # Example B
    print perc($data->perc); # Example C - using a function and some extra format -
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