I have tried creating a webpage but when i click on one of my links it gives me this

Connecting to server ::<NO SERVER>

What does this mean because i have checked my database and everything seems to be fine..

I dami,

Please note: If this is a remote database the following instructions will not apply.
Please consult your host provider if this is the case.
If your database is on your local machine then precede with the following

This probally means that your database server has stopped running, check the following.

(1) Open control panel
(2) Open Administrative tools
(3) And Then open services
(4) Next in the services menu, scroll down until you find MySQL. Right Click on MySQL and select properties, and check the following. Make sure your service is running if it isn't, press the start button, Then in the startup type text box, choose "automatic". Press apply to apply the settings then close the window. Try and see if you can connect now! Hope this helps:)

got it..Thanks richie

Thats ok dami,

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