Hello everyone,

I am developing a virtual pet site that is based on PHP, CSS and MySQL. I am currently learning PHP and MySQL myself but require some genius minds to help me develop my community and ideas ready for a big launch in March/April.

Things I require help with are:

Template and Design
I really need some help making a unique template and design.

Access Rights
I need help coding the rank structure and access rights to tools. I have a unique idea I want to incorporate into the pet site.

Maps, Pets and Graphics
I would love to hear from any designers who could make some unique graphics

Places to live
I would like to script some codes in which members can moveto different areas within the community by moving there house.

Virtual Banking / Stock Market / User Experience System
I want to set up advanced bank features, a stock market, a payment system and possibly an experience system. Im working my hardest to get these done but only know very basic PHP

Message Boards
I would like to et up multiple message boards within the site that do not make members have to givetheir name. I want them to take the users details from the log in session but also to allow certain admin access to ranked members

Chat rooms
I would love tobe able to have small little chat boxes at certain pages within the website in which members could chat without having to log in or provide a username. I would like their details to be taken from their user log in session.

There are more ideas I have but insist you contact me to find out more :o)

I am looking to have a premium member section in which members pay for extra account benefits. Therefore I would agree an amount with any developers for the work they do that when this money comes in from membership then they will recieve part of the payment until its all paid off.

You can also gain staff status within the community should you wish to take part.

You will also be able to discuss advertising your website/s if you so wish.

I have no budget right now but hope that payment could be given from any revenue made.

Please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more details at:

j.heath83 at btinternet dot com

Look forward to hearing from you!


Unfortunately there is already a system like this already developed. It's called Webkinz.
Good Luck.