Hello All

I have been created a full Employee Mgmt. web Application .

Application name is MyEMS with Database DBEMS

Now I want to create a set up ( like any product set up )

Which can be able?

• To install application
• Create database
• Set IIS settings
• As well as I want before installation it should ask for license agreement
• Should ask for path on which user want to install it

Any help ???

Thanks in advance

Right Click to your solution and select Add new project from the menu. Select websetup project from the project types. Right click to your web setup project and select add and select project output from the menu. Build the websetup project. Go to the folder where your websetup projet has been created. There you will see the setup.exe in your debug or release folder according to the mode you build your project. Copy and paste your setup project to the server and execute the setup.exe, it wil create the website with virtual directories created as the application folders.

Setup has been created but how do we run that?
and also tell me how we include the .Net framwork and sql server components while creating the setup???
please reply ASAP