Hi all, I have a project thats was given to me in school but the problem is I don't know anything about PHP but i know a very little about MySQL. I was given three options to use. Two of which are PHP and the other JSC. I hate anything that has to do with programming so i decided to take PHP which is also programming but seems much better than JSC.
This is the question given is

The aim is to build a database-driven Web application that provides tutor support for online peer assessment of first year programming exercises.
The system will pose simple programming-oriented questions that require free response answers rather than multiple choice question type. The completed free response answers will be anonymously distributed amongst learners to support online peer assessment. The results will be collated and sent back to the learner for formative feedback purposes. This kind of peer informed learning has been found to improve intellectual engagement with the material particularly in the case of average to weaker ability students.

Could anyone help me out on where to start from as I don't have a clue about this at all.
I am not asking you to do the work for me..All i'm asking is for your advice on how to go about this project.

Thank you all in advance

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