i wrote an asp script and when i made the guest book ( when i used the addSQL ) this error returned

Microsoft JET Database Engine (0x80004005)
Operation must use an updateable query.
/science/add.sign.asp, line 15

This is the add.sign.asp

<!--#include file="connection.asp" -->

		if name="" or ranking="" or notes="" then
		response.write"الرجاء ادخال جميع الحقول المطلوبة"
		addSQL="insert into guestbook (addedin,name,email,ranking,notes) values('"&addedin&"','"&name&"','"&email&"','"&ranking&"','"&notes&"') " 
   		response.redirect "guest.book.asp"
   		End if
		Set SB=Nothing


But when i uploaded the script to my hosting it worked 100% so is the error from the iis ???
what can i do about that ????

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Let me get this straight, it does not work locally but is working on your host?

Chances are it is a permissions issue, on your local machine.

* Yah, it does not work locally but is working on your host.

* So hwo can i fix this problem ( permission ) ?

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