Hello everyone,

This is the case:

1- I have a asp.net application that is hosted in the Web server hosting service (This hosting server is located in the US, but not near the office of my client ... "

2- The SQL 2005 database will also be hosted in the same web hosting server.

3- The employees, at the office, need to check some appointment requests from the users (Customers). If the demographical information that the user (customer) has imputed is different than the information that is on the local (office) database, the application has to allow the employee (through a button "Update Customer" ) to update the new information (in the web server database) to the local database (Office).

That's pretty much the issue with this. Now I was thinking in creating a "client" application in C# that is going to be installed in my client's office network (so all the employees can use it) and allow this application to access the internet and get all the data the employees need to update this information.

Now, I have no idea of how to set a C# application to be in a network, so is more than one user is accessing the application, the updates can be done one by one. But again, this would be my last resource as I'm much more inclined to create my ASP.net application completely on the web (Customer and Employee) and update the local database (office) from my ASP.net application.

This is the question: What kind of function, service or trick can i use to transfer my information from the web server database to the local database? Do I need to use xml, even though the database I have in the web server is identical to the one in the local office?

I would greatly appreciate some insights about this.

Thank you very much


You can have your sever automatically create an sql file, then have the other server read it. Within the sql file, you can have the replace commands.

That, or you can connect to both databases, and do a while reader.read() command, and within that you can have the Update or Insert or Replace.

Look up on google of connecting multiple sql servers

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