There is a another-site such as :

there is a form on

To access this page we need to go through login from

Now i have my site -
i do have the login information for his-site
i need to auto-login and access the form page of his-site from my-site

How do i create the authentication to his-site without logging to his page.
all the things should be hidden inside my-site.

its Like -
The user will come to my-site and login.
He will use my-form to submit to's form

Now I can do everything except the POST operation for the login to

IFRAME and Ajax can solve my problem in a way
but i need some more robust work flow.
coz i'll be using this on cron job.

ok here is some more in detail has database
and also the form to insert data to his-database will also have the HTML form.
but the post from the my-site will go to his-site.

All this things should happen inside the server
the user should not get clue about

I think that you would need access to his site to place code on the page you want secured.

look its like ...

i will make a chat-room based on the this forum we are using

but the user will have have to type the on URL

but we know ... to reply or to post in this forum we need to login to this site. isn't so???

now i need to submit to some post from my-site ... with logging from my-site ...


OK suppose

you save your hi5 login account to my-site.
when you change the profile Status (Scrapbook) of my-site then it must automatically change on your profile of hi5

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