Hi I am new here as you can see, well I want to learn PHP, and I don't know where to start. What I want to do is make a game like http://www.racewarkingdoms.com, and you have probable heard of it before, Outwar. If you could point me in the right directions to start and learn PHP and MySQL through PHPMyAdmin, that would be great.

You can contact me on MSN Ice_Man_Cold@hotmail.com or by posting here.


I personaly would start by going to the public library and check what books they have on the subject. You can save a lot of money that way, since IT-books are expensive. Books are the best way to get started, and PHP/ MySQL are pretty easy to understand. Then you should search for a good PHP-forum, for you will surely have a couple of questions that you cannot find the anwser to in books or in other forums.


On a lot of these sites, you will also find PHP-tutorials.


wow! I"m new here and with the PHP coding. I know only how to set up the MAMBO CMS thru the help of a fren. And i'm planning to learn the scripting of PHP .

Hey, thx a lot michael for the site.

I'd say that I have a little of experience in PHP, since I have made some small scripts.

What I also have find useful is to visit sites like www.devarticles.com.

There you can find scripts of several programming languages, and the best is that they go step-by-step over some particular script.

I know, you should learn first the PHP basics before go to specific topics like in www.devarticles.com, but another thing what I have found useful is this: Already having some knolwledge about PHP [or any language/software], you can plan to develop a little project. That will "detonate" your abilities and will give you experience.

I have done this, and now I can see a little but significant difference: Me before and after my project =P