Hey, i've got a problem, i'm trying to make a drop down box but so that the first value chosen automatically updates the fields that you can choose in the second drop down menu.

Yes this may seem easy, but the thing is that each values need to be populated from MySQL Db's.

The table is called PriceList, and the attributes are ID, Groupname, Itemname and Price.

The first drop down menu needs to be populated with Groupname, and then the second drop down menu with the Itemname.

Once the user has chosen the fields, a text box will be updated with the Price displayed.

I also need a button that adds another row of drop down menus, and a button that will delete a row.

If anyone could possibly show me a website or give me any pointers then that would be awesome, i'm just useless at JavaScript.


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use ajax to do that.
-as user select Groupname it should send request to the server through ajax,
-server will return values in the form of array or simply form all whole sub menu at server.
-use this value to form submenu.

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