I am still new to CSS, how would I add a drop shadow around the main conent of this page? www.racexpressions.com I have been trying for a while but I can't seem to get it to work. Thanks!

Do you mean somting like this

<div style="height: 125; width: 400; filter:DropShadow(color=#C0C0C0, OffX=10, OffY=10)">
Text with shadow

I guess I am not looking really for a drop shadow, but moreso a border using gradient.gif to give it an even gradient border all around. Thank you for the reply I'll use that script too, thanks!

To be more specific, in Photoshop draw a box and double click the layer and select 'outer glow', that is what I am trying to do. Thanks!

I found an example of exactly the effect I am trying to get from another member.
Thank you for the other ideas, I am going to use the dropshadow on some text for another site.

The shadow around the main content...

i have such this problem too so could you show me the code cmills83? and is it a cross-browsers platform? thanks

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