Edit mode the index of a dropdownlist does not start at the right value.
I have having problem when in edit mode the dropdownlist the index does not
start at the right value. I use Inner Join for my two dropdownlists.

StoreID Store
1 Name1
2 Name2

AccessLevelD AccessLevel
1 Administration
2 Calling Card Manager
3 Cashier

These StoreID, AccessLevelID are in my

tbl_Users table.

Now suppose for UserID =1
StoredID = 2

But when I am in editmode the Store is starting
at Name1 instead of Name2.
It is saved in the Database as StoredID =2 which corresponds to Name2.
Please help me.

Is the databind to the datagrid in an IsPostBack conditional? Are you executing it each time?

It sounds like when the page gets posted back, your data is being rebound and resetting.