I am looking for a way to pass a variable from one form to another form in a new page. Bassically when a person clicks 'register' for a specific class, I would like it to open up my registration form and automatically fill in the class name and perhaps other variables such as price.

I am fairly new to javascript and php but I believe there is a way to do this in either. I have heard that I may need to have my register button be in a form that has hidden inputs that are my variables. The register button would then pass the variables on to a php script.

However, I am not very sure how to write the script (any tutorials would be of great help) and I am not sure how to fill my registration form with the variables from the script.

I also thought that it may be possible to send the variables through a link using javascript but am not really sure how to pick up the variables on the registration page.

Any help is much appreciated.


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