At risk of sounding like the newbie I am....

I don't know enough about php to do much of anything, yet. BUT! I know exactly what I need (I think). MAybe someone out there has seen something along these lines:

It would be a php module that provide a custom thread tool. This thread would be customizble for a specific function:
ex. Imagine a queue of jobsteps. User must have accmulated enough site credits in order to ACQUIRE. User clicks on "ACQUIRE" button which removes the thread and transfers the "ownership" to the user.

  • The posts within this thread are simply line entry posts produced by a user completing a webform. Poll, Reply, and other actions are disabled
  • The posts themselves each have an action button attached to it. The button determines its value or state by some value within the post it is attached to.
  • When a user clicks the action button attached to the post. The post is removed from the thread and its elements are placed in the user"s profile

By populating the "grid thread" do you mean passing the details of the project to the next page?

You could create some hidden text fields in a form, create a submit button and the page you set in <form action=""> you would type something like:

$hidden_field1 = $_REQUEST;


Yes, It would be passing data from page 1 to page 2. On page two, it would post to a bulletin board as a new custom thread.

This new thread will have one post in it only(which is the details of the assignment), so it can expand and collapse.

It would have an action button embedded in it (or on it). Which when clicked by a member, will move the thread to the members private board and becomes a part of his queue.

Can you point me in the right direction here? I want this custom thread to be integrated seemlessly into an existing phpforum as a mod or add-on. I dont really want to have to reinvet the wheel and build my own forum.

It just has to have the ability for new members to 'post' to this type of thread, an established member can aquire it and move it to a private thread.

I will be checking out ajtrichards web solutions shortly. Im really looking for someone who can teach me a little at a time and assist the forum. Which I will disclose once signup/login authentication is set up