I am creating a site where normally I would store this kind of information in a database. It is information that will most likely never.. EVER be changed again unless it needs administrative modification. Just possibly deleted ^^

I was thinking about storing a link in a database that leads to a text file, which from there I could read the text straight onto the page. It would provide a lot less data being sent from the SQL server, not to mention quicker response time from the SQL server from a very populated database traffic community.

What would be a good way to give access to a user for his/her stories that can contain upwards of 10,000 characters, or upwards of 20-30 pages in a word document.

The user will need to be able to edit the data anytime he/she wishes, however this rarely, if ever happens.

I was thinking about storing the information in the database for one week, which gives enough time for the user to edit. Then, after 1 week goes by, to have the stories transfered to a data file, like a txt file or xml, and not be editable there after.

Please share thoughts on how to store static information. Maybe even create a new aspx page with the static information? However, this is out of my scope of experience, dynamically creating aspx pages with master pages as well.

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You could write the whole site in XML files

Read from XML

Dim dt As New DataTable

        For Each Row As DataRow In dt.Rows
            'Do Data access code here

Write to XML

Dim dt As New DataTable

        'Build the datatable
        dt.Columns.Add("ColumnName", DataType)

        'Add rows to the datatable


The only thing to check is that you can write to the directory as a user

I would stick with original idea of keeping document for some period of time on DB for fast ediditng and then chunk them in XML files. You still can do reading+editing as ptaylor965 sugested but it will take time to upload 10.000 word document from "flat" file and then save it again. Also many DBs provide easy extraction to XML so if clever enough you can create automated function for this

Thanks peter_budo, and ptaylor.

Yeah I think I will create a function that will run every 6 hours and extract all database information that exceeds one week's worth of time. Thank you for your help.