I have a website that is working except for one thing.
The pages load fine but when a user clicks on any option, that should immediately stop what is happening on that page & take user to new the page they have selected.
Right now it happens very slowly, after everything on the current page has loaded.
The site has mp3's & it takes about 10 secs to loada page. Not bad but it should be instantaneous,
i.e as soon as user clicks any option, the current page should stop loading & go immediately to the next selected page.
I just switched to my own VPS yesterday in the hopes that would fix this but there is no improvement at all.

Any suggestions?


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Wow that was an anticlimax, i was actually hoping for a intelligent suggestion.
I know there is some way of programming what i want, anyone..


by the way, that solution is javascript...so you would have to have your links call the method or a function containing that method in order to trigger it.

something like:

<a href="somlink.com" onclick="window.stop();">my link</a>
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