Hello List!

I'm having a problem getting a line break/feed on a page...I'm passing parameters from one page to another (this particular one is being passed to a textarea), and would like to pass them with page breaks between them...

Here's my current code

<script language="javascript">
     openIssuesWindoid('../../GUtilities/IssueCreator/IssueCreator.asp?name=<%=session("userFullName")%>&email=<%=session("userEmail")%>&summary=Station Type Change Request&description=Location: <%=LocStringsArray(z)%>Occupant: <%=OccupantStringsArray(z)%>Current Station Type: <%=StationTypeStringsArray(z)%>&client=<%=session("currentClientID")%>&site=4-1-Where');


  <td width="100%" colspan="2">
  <br>*Detailed Description:

  <td width="100%" colspan="2">
  <textarea cols="55" rows="10" name="txtDescription"><%=Request.QueryString("description")%></textarea>

Currently in the textarea I'm seeing:
Location: Atlanta-30th Floor-3034BOccupant: Andersen, JasonCurrent Station Type: Floor Shared

What I WANT:
Location: Atlanta-30th Floor-3034B
Occupant: Andersen, Jason
Current Station Type: Floor Shared

How can I accomplish this? Someone said to use the ASCII code for the line feed, but I haven't been able to get that implemented...

Thanks in advance for your time and expertise!! It is greatly appreciated!

Such codes are usually not rendered.

Have you tried the code \r?

I don't know if a text box can handle page breaks - it is one page.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I've tried \r, \n, \r\n, \n\n.... I've been looking up solutions without any luck, so as a last resort I came to the forum for help...

It is two pages the first one opens a new window, which is in a second page.

Any other possible solutions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Insert line breaks in server side code, in your case that being ASP. The formatting will be preserved as it is in the textarea. Your rendered textarea should look like:

<textarea cols="55" rows="10" name="txtDescription">Location: Atlanta-30th Floor-3034B
Occupant: Andersen, Jason
Current Station Type: Floor Shared</textarea>