hi all, hope you are well. Just a quick question, been googling this one for a while but not found anything yet:
How does IIS deal with session state?
Many thanks for your time.

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What do you mean by Session State? The default session has a timeout of 20 mins. Now if you are referring to View State i can probably give you more details.


I think view state and session state are dealt with by IIS in the same manner, i.e. using a dictionary (I think - I am unsure).


ViewState is held in a hidden field within the rendered webpage, session state is held in the memory of the webserver. Each session has a unique id called a sessionid. The sessionid is given to the client browser on first request and quoted by the browser on each subsequent request from then on. It may well be the sessions are held in memory in some kind of dictionary object, it makes sense but I have no idea.

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Helpful information, many thanks!
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