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I don't know if this is the right place to post this question. If not, I apologize.

I'm developing a web application that at some point of its processes has to update a table in a remote database. Now, this remote database is located in my client's office and my web application is located in a managed web hosting account. Anyway, I was thinking on creating a text file in my web application and send it, through SSL, to an application I would create located in my client's web site, and this application will take care of updating the table [:|] ... but I'm sure that I there are different ways of doing this .. to be more specific ... I think that there is an easy way ... right? ... [*-)]

If someone could point me to a book, article, code or tutorial, I would greatly appreciate it.


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WOw ... thanks a lot for your answer ... I will take a look at this information. Now, I don't know if i can update my client application to read XML as it is a packaged software, is there is a way to do this even if the application is a packaged software?

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There is an easier way, at least in the long run. However, it takes longer to build.

What you would need to do is build a page on your clients web server that retrieves the information. When it retrieves the information, it can update right then and there.

On your hosting account, you would gather the information, ENCRYPT it or send it anyway you wish to the url on your client's server.

Your server, Page to build to compile the information.
Clients' server, Page to build that receives the information. After information is received, page executes an update statement to the database.


if this is out of the question, you can have your page save an XML file, and after saving, it can "HIT" your clients page with a url to your XML file. Your clients' page then grabs the xml file, reads it, and uploads it to the server.

Done again.


is there is a way to do this even if the application is a packaged software?

Yes, there is.
You should know how the client application make its output, so that you get its output and convert it to XML.
For example: SQL to XML which is the easiest and most general way.

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