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Yes this is possible. You can setup a server on localhost ( Google easyPHP. If you need any more assistance with setting up the application. Give me a shout


You can setup a server on localhost

did you even read the original post?

without a server?

so, the answer is no


Take a look at XAMPP (there are many others). Its an all-in-one kit that installs apache, php and mysql on your windows PC


with easyphp you dont have to setup nothing. download, install, open application. [CLICK ON THE LITTLE TRAFFIC LIGHT]. If the light goes green your good to go.
In your browser, type in "" or right click on your active application icons (near the clock) you'll get an option to view easyphp localweb. lastly, move all your php documents into installation directory%easyphp/www/

MAGIC. it works

dont forget to refresh browser


PHP includes a command-line interpreter. You can run your PHP script through that, direct the output to a file and open that file in the web browser.

So, yes, it's possible. It quickly gets tiring, though. That's why most developers use EasyPHP or XAMPP on their machines.


Hi, This post is very informative, however I would like some specific information. If someone can help me then please send me a private message. Best Regards,


On a mac, all you have to do is install PHP and use the built-in apache server.
If your on linux I'd install a lamp package.
However, if you are on windows (which I think so...) I wouldn't really recommend using a package, and doing it by installing the Apache package, then PHP.
That should work just fine.
You can also use an emulated enviroment in the Aptana software suite -- http://aptana.com/studio/download
so you can run php files.
If you just want to look at the file's source, right-click it and say, open with notepad (or equivalent).
- CodeJoust.com


PHP scripts can be run using the php-cgi.exe command line interface.

However, a web server is a must if you want to have full functionality of the script. "Viewer for PHP" is an open source app that can be used to run scripts in an embedded browser control. It makes use of the mongoose web server, however you simply run the .exe file and everything else is taken care of.

check it out at:



Hi Nicky,

Would probably be better if you add to this thread or start a new one, so that the solution is freely available.


Technically no. But he propably just didn't phrase the question right.

Well I for one found your answer quite helpful. Many thanks!

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