when i try to retrieve data from multiple tables and display the data in a datagrid it does nt display all the records i.e., it misses some of the record.what cud b d reason.below is my code:-


ds = dbcon.getdataset("Select DISTINCT casemas.CaseID as ID, tblCourtType.CourtType as Court, casemas.CaseNo as Case_No, District.d_name as Location, lower(casemas.FirstParty) as FstParty, lower(casemas.SecondParty) as SndParty, lower(casemas.BriefDetails) as Case_History, casemas.CaseDropped as Dropp, casedet.CSPN as PN0, casedet.ReceiptDate as Receipt, lower(cast(casedet.ActionToBeTaken as nvarchar)) as Desired_Action, casedet.DueDateofAction as DueDate, lower(casedet.ActionTaken) as ActionTaken, Department.dept_name as Dept from casemas RIGHT JOIN casedet on (casemas.CaseID=casedet.CaseID)RIGHT JOIN caseret on (casemas.CaseID=caseret.CaseID)INNER JOIN tblCourtType on (casemas.CourtType=tblCourtType.CourtID)INNER JOIN District on (casemas.L_occur=District.d_cd) INNER JOIN desig on (caseret.Mrkdesgcd=desig.desig_cd)INNER JOIN Department on (caseret.MrkDept=Department.dept_cd) where casemas.CaseID='" & mchoice & "' and casedet.NextHearingDate= '" & Label17.Text & "' order by casemas.CaseID,casedet.CSPN")

DataGrid1.DataSource = ds.Tables(0)

dbcon is a connection object and ds a dataset.

your help will be appreciated

it is available.i hv tested it.the problem is that for eg it will display record 1,2 , 4,5,9.it misses records in between as in the eq it misses record no 3,6,7,8.

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