Hi This is ScorpionZ
I have Created a window that holds an Id of Particular Product
having code this:
<script type="text/javascript">

function poponload()
testwindow= window.open ('image_viewer_window.php?images=<?=$prod_id?>', "Image","location=1,status=1,scrollbars=3,width=452,height=218");
<td bgcolor="#F8F8FF"><a href="#" onclick="return poponload()">View Images</a></td>

// Talking about $prod_id it is an Id already in this Page of Particular Product and i am Trying to viewing its more Images but in Popup Window........ but it is not Throwing that $prod_id... as it is some id.... that links to next popup with images belongs to that Product

The Scenario is that
when i click on "View Images"
it Sends this url on popup window

After = it must be the Id of that Particular Product but No Id

Any Help will be highly Appreciated

Thanks And Regards

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Hmm.. I am not too sure what is the problem though. Usually when no id is being thrown means that there is problem in passing the value or getting the value. It is not done correctly. Maybe you can try to hardcode the id and see whether it is working and check is any value assign to the variable $prod_id.

Hope this help :)


must be: <?echo $prod_id?>

then check if $prod_id is set. maybe your php doesn't overtake variables automatically. Then try $prod_id=$_REQUEST["prod_id"].


First of all Thanks for Response....

To rinoa04:
What does this means
you can try to hardcode the id and see whether it is working and check??
and the value is Passing but not showing to Address bar ..... So if u have a code like this Please do let know so i will be Thankful...

<?=$prod_id?> and <?echo $prod_id?>
has the same meaning...
But afterall Thanks for your response
and if u have acode of such type pleases let me know

After Thanks for both of u guys
Hoping for the best reply from others too.....

Thanks and Regards


@Scorpionz: cool, I didn't know. But saves a lot of typing, cheers ^^.

have you tried $prod_id=$_REQUEST["prod_id"] in image_viewer_window.php?
and is prod_id correctly set in the main file?

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