hi, i am trying to display a random product from my database along with its description, price and image. but i am having a little trouble. i can display a random product and its info by directly inputting it into an array, but i can't call it from the database itself WITH the array.
i checked google but i just kept being sent to pages that only have scripts that do as i did below or i get taken to pages that have nothing to do with php at all.
Any help will be appreciated.
Here's the code i'm using:

	$get_pic = "SELECT car_name, LEFT(car_desc, 20), car_image FROM cars";
	$get_pic_res = mysql_query($get_pic) or die(mysql_error());
	if (mysql_num_rows($get_pic_res) < 1){
		$display_desc = "<p><em>No products available!</em></p>";
		while ($pics = mysql_fetch_array($get_pic_res)){
$pics_name = strtoupper(stripslashes($pics[car_name]));
$pics_desc = stripslashes($pics[car_desc]);
$pics_price = $pics[car_price];
$images = array
	/*array('file' => $pics_name,  // here i tried to pass the variable into the array
	'caption' => $pics_desc),*/ // i'm not sure that can be done though
	array('file' => 'mazda',
	'caption' => 'This is the Mazda 626. A cheap, yet luxurious car.'),
	array('file' => 'buick',
	'caption' => 'This car is all over the country so you may want 
	to think of getting another car.'),
	array('file' => 'hummer',
	'caption' => 'If you have the money fo this car, then you MUST have the money for fuel'),
	array('file' => 'xrc',
	'caption' => 'This is a toy car, plain and simple!')
         $i = rand(0, count($images)-1);
	$selectedImage = "../images/{$images[$i]['file']}.jpg";
	$caption = $images[$i]['caption'];
	if (file_exists($selectedImage) && is_readable($selectedImage))
		$imageSize = getimagesize($selectedImage);

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how about selecting the random records from the database itself?
if its fine then here is your req sql

$get_pic = "SELECT car_name, LEFT(car_desc, 20), car_image FROM cars ORDER BY RAND()";

this will randomize the order of records while fetching

ok i will go try it out adn i will update you in a few minutes

ok i've tried it out and it works perfectly, thanks! i just have one slight problem though, when i use SELECT car_name, [B][I]LEFT(car_desc, 20)[/I][/B], car_image FROM cars ORDER BY RAND() the description doesnt get displayed under the image, but using SELECT car_name, [B][I]car_desc[/I][/B], car_image FROM cars ORDER BY RAND() it gets displayed. any ideas? i will keep trying to figure it out though

use as

SELECT car_name, LEFT(car_desc, 20) [B]as car_desc[/B], car_image FROM cars ORDER BY RAND()

thanks a lot!!! the funny thing is that i know most the functions and their uses but i have a problem with implementation. what book(s) do(did) you use when studying php/mysql?
thanks again

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