I recently started using a remote image url to power my thumbnails on my website. i noticed a significant, but not across the board, slowdown in page load times. i ran an sql monitor and nothing is showing that would cause the issue, so i am wondering;

1. Would a remote image url in CF 7 cause slower page load times?
2. Is there a way to cache the remote images in intervals?

Thanks for any insight you may provide.

I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at.

You're storing thumbnail images on another server? That has nothing to do with CF. The CF server won't load the images, the client does. So perhaps the server your thumbnails are located on is slower than your web server.

Please clarify your question.

We have recently become an affliliate of www.allposters.com, and their data feed provides the images in a remote url. they are a top knot company with excellent infrastructure, so i am not so worried about their servers. i am concerned about if pulling the images from a remote source does indeed present a bottleneck in some cases?

like i said, i ran a sql monitor and that showed no problems. this is really the only thing that has changed relative to my old website setup.

i have research a bit and it does appear that it is possible to run some scripts that go out and get the remote image and save it locally. their are a ton, 900K+ of these images so i would like to avoid that.

thanks again.