i have been researching into java script and have found that uses of it include field validations and online calculators.
What type of disadvantages does java script have, is there nay major security issues with it??
Would be great for you to help

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The most advantage of JavaScript is that most browsers support javaScript where as only internet explorer support VBScript

The problem about script is that everytime you run them they have to be interpreted into machine readable language (i.e) the language that is understandable by computer processor which is binary... and they are interpreted one line at a time and they coz the program to be slow

Eding to that we have normally 2 types of script which are server-side script and client -ide script... client-side script are executed in the client workstation before u can send the form to a web server. client side script are shorter and they perform the following..... Validate and enhance HTML forms.... Manipulate and display XML data that the Web Page developer embeds in an HTML document..... Link to, manipulate and display XML data sent in a separate file sent to the client.... Create and read cookies that store user preference and selection on the client workstation..... Display new web pages in the current browser window or in new browser window..... control web page content and appearance

JavaScript can be disabled by the client browser. If you used JavaScript solely for error checking then it may result in corrupt data or malicious code being processed.

I recommend using Client & Server side checking for form submissions & validation. This will minimize the risk of incorrect/missing data.