I reached to the end of my project..but still struggling with date time issue in JSP...
I am using mysql as database...
simply to say my question is, how to insert and retrive datetime from database to my JSP page...can anyone put the code for that..i will be the most happiest...

help me in this issue

hi saiteja,

I am not clear. I am also using mysql as database in my jsp pages. What kind of problem are you facing with date and timestamp?


When I retrieve the date time field from my database I am getting only date but not time..
In my database the datetime field is 2005-07-01 12:12:08
But I am getting only 2005-07-01
help me plzzz

hi saiteja,
Sorry for the delayed reply, I was out of station.
Are using getTimestamp() of ResultSet if you are using PreparedStatement. If you are using Hibernate you can try typecasting to Timestamp.
can you give me the database structure and the code snippet you are using, I can try and get back to you.

hi saiteja,

Following was the code that I used in jsp to display the date and time:

I used jstl library to do that.

<fmt:formatDate type="date" value="+<%=variableName>+"/>

Hope this helps.