Friends, I have two bugs I would like to fix,I know thier is someone out thier that can shed some light into this.
First one is simple I don't know what I typed wrong for the date function it says this as below

Missing argument name.
When using named parameters to a function, every parameter must have a name.
The CFML compiler was processing:

An expression beginning with DateFormat, on line 140, column 75.This message is usually caused by a problem in the expressions structure.
The tag attribute value, on line 140, column 67.
A cfinput tag beginning on line 140, column 12.

138 :
139 : <td><label>
140 : <cfinput type="text" name="dateofbirth" validate="date" value="#DateFormat(getmice.dateofbirth,‘mm/dd/yyyy’)#">
141 : </label></td>

and the second bug is when I upload an images directory to the database and I want to edit the form, it only shows the text fields , while the upload field is blank, I tested the image on a list form and it displays with all the text fields, My question , how can I populate the upload file field with the directory I display in the list form.

Thanks A lot

OOOOP! mistake on my path the ‘mm/dd/yyyy’ should have been "mm/dd/yyyy" instead.
one solved one to go friends.

After going through a lot of research, i found out its not possible to repopulate a file field because of security reasons. however i could display the directory to the file and the file name to the client and ask them to copy and paste it into the file field.

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