Ps can anyone enlighten me on how to learn PHP.
I mean I am a novice and would like to know if it requires a compiler etc like C++,C ..to compile codes.

In essence what are the things needed to learn PHP...and how can I really develop myself well in PHP.

..and any book reccomendation(s)



Im trying to learn .net. The programming language is really simple.. I have looked at code samples... but I just cant figure out how to put it on a webpage.. ?

lol.. ok php..
PHP is complied at runtime. That means, you dont have to worry about compiling.
All you need is a server that supports php. And you just have to put some php code in a file, and name it with the extenstion .php.

I'll try and make it simple in a series of steps:

1) Get access to a server running php
--- (a) You can rent a php server online , just search google for web hosting, and see if they support php. This is usually included in the features. This costs around $10 a month. You will then have to purchase a domain, and have it pointed to your webserver. Ask your hosting support for this.
---(b) You can install an apache server on your home computer. Search google for apache on windows. This is free. Your domain will be http://localhost/ by default.

2) Create a php file.
--- (a) A php file is a text file with the extension .php.
--- (b) The php file starts with <?php and ends with ?>
--- (c) example: <?php echo 'This is PHP'; ?>

3) Save your php file in a web accessible directory.
--- (a) A web accessible directory is one that is acessible over HTTP. This is any folder in your web server, that you can access from the browser.
--- (b) In most apache servers, this is any folder above 'public_html' or 'www'.

As to learning php: I'd use http://www.php.net
They have all the php functions, some examples and user contributed notes. Easy to read and understand.

Note: geocities, and other free hosting usually dont offer php. You have to spend around $10 a month to get a php enabled server.
Most everything from there on is asking your web server support.

I can only tell you what I did to learn PHP, maybe it will work for you:

First: I was willing to learn, and put lots of enthusiasm and hours on it... thats the most important :D
SECOND: tried several tutorials until I saw these two:

Sitepoint (the Build your own database driven website using PHP & MySQL)

http://www.sitepoint.com/popup/popup.php?zone=2&popupid=45 (This was it)

Web Monkey:


Now, to start you don't even need to know how to install it... you can check Xampp


It will install Apache, PHP, MySQL and a FTP server... that is all you will need to start.

Then, for questions and answers I recommend: DaniWeb, Sitepoint and the PHP Manual at http://www.php.net/

Then find something to put you on the road and develop your knowledge. Practice with something you like or a job. That is the best way to learn PHP.

Hi Crest,
I am by no means an expert at php. I have developed my own website using php.
I used the tutorials at www.webmonkey.com and recieved help through this forum.
The tutorials are in plain english, and They are very easy to follow. I knew absolutely nothing about php when I started. If I can understand them, anyone can!
Hope this helps.


I have a few PHP eBooks that I'd be willing to share with new coders in need :) Just PM me on the forums.


i recently also have begun to learn php, but only because in database systems I we had to use JSP and well im not the greatest fan of it. in any case, after reading this site i think you will be in much better shape (atleast i did) as far as setting up the system. one note though, incase you dont read the bottom, make sure you use php-cgi.exe for php5.0 and not php.exe. after that, finding tutorials online is as easy as can be.


hope it helps


nice link... very, complete. :)