I am modifying an existing login page in Dreamweaver using Developers Toolbox. Everytime I go into Change Login Settings and change the database settings and user level, it comes up with an error:

/includes/tng/ - error occurred - Unable to create remote folder /includes/tng/. Access denied. The file may not exist, or there could be a permission problem. Make sure you have proper authorization on the server and the server is properly configured.
includes\tng\tNG_config.inc.php - user cancelled

What I don't understand is all the permission levels are checked off for the includes folder and the tng folder on the remote server. Has anyone ever experienced this or have any suggestions? All I am trying to do is adjust the login page to only login people who's accounts have been activated (activation= 1 to login successfully).

Have you checked that the folder "includes/tng/" exists on your remote server?

If not, create one manually without letting the script/dreamweaver create it.

Yes, the includes/tng folder is on the remote server, I checked off all the permission levels, so I don't know what else it could be. The error occurs every time I try, so I'm not sure if it's a Toolbox glitch or what.