Have been searching all over the web for this, no luck yet....

I'm starting a site, obviously have no members yet. But, the amount of members I have will be important in attracting new members.

Where can I find an automated profile generator, or can someone point me to a site/link where I could learn how to make one myself?

Many thanks!

you would have to custom make one to fit your site.

you would have to custom make one to fit your site.

Okay, sounds good, but I'm not sure how to make one. I've been looking all over the web for some kind of tutorial on how to do this, but all my searches just bring up endless ads for myspace profile generators. Do you know where I can find some kind of tutorial to help me learn this? Thanks!

i don't think you will find a tutorial to help you build a profile generator. if you have a basic php knowledge you can do it pretty easily.

also, what type of site do you have?

I'm building a traditional dating site...what I'm worried about is that when it's ready to go live, if I start off with no members, there wouldn't be much incentive for others to join.

i think you are better off starting with no members. for the first month to a year (depends on the growth of your site) don't display how many people you have. wait until you get a good amount then display. people will join. just do a very good advertising campaign to attract people.

regardless if there was such code or not i think thats the wrong way to go about things

however, this isn't a political forum, you asked a question and i will answer it

try changing your search to "robot form fillers" or "php loop form completers" or something like that

if that doens't work then you need to make a list of all the things that are needed to complete a profile, and a list of possible answers for each question/field.

then a loop would do the trick