Hello again,

This may or maynot be proper thread for this topic, but here it is. I have a coldfusion 7 serve that I am running a page on, that uses hash(<email>,"MD5") all it well and good
makes me a hash string and all. I store this hash and in a mysql db. Where this goes downhill is where I try to present this hash embedded as string link on a web based email.
I am using cfmail to create the html email. On some of the email html the hash codes get random escaped codes in them. For instance,




Notice the %0A in there !! Grrrr..

I have tried htmlcodeformat, htmleditformat, paragraphformat.. etc.. What is odd to me is that the mysql data is correct. So it is in the presentation in a browser/url that boggled.

Thanks for any ideas. Driving me batty.

Ok, I figured it out. Turns out I was not paying attention to cfmail tag, I had put wraptext option in there, and it was actually spliting the line on the url (at the hash point), thus embedding the escaped code in the data string. Turning that off, and lettting my tables control width fixed this issue. Laf, wow.. shiver..