This is what happens:

I have an input submit button.
On mouse over text is changed from RED to WHITE.
On mouse out text is changed from WHITE to RED.

Simple eh?

Well IE does it fine but FF makes everything change to RED border, etc.

function over(button) { 			= "#FFFFFF";

function out(button) { 			= "#FF0000";

my input button:
<input onMouseOver="over(this)" onMouseOut="out(this)" class="input" type="submit" id="input" name="input">

Any Ideas?

Thanks, Regards X

Well there is nothing about posting code as such as its more of a function.

I just used the 'hover' function in css to do the same thing(which was alot more friendlier).

Hover was never working for me before in FF and I think since the updates it does.

So the code would be in css:

.class:hover {

That good enough or should more detail be included?

Thanks, Regards X

Thank you for sharing
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