hi everyone..
I'm struck in a problem .... that i want to refresh two td/div {with whatever it is possible} at the same time , without refreshing or reposting the other fields of the form in html by clicking a button using PHP/js/Ajax/HTML. I want to do this exactly as many captcha refresh buttons do to refresh the captcha code on the form. A help will highly be appreciated .

So what seems to be the problem? Which method are you currently using for shipping data to-and-fro? XML, JSON or plain text?

AFAIK, refreshing (updating) two DIV's shouldn't be very much different than refreshing a single DIV except for the way in which you request / handle the two new data chunks.

Hi thanks for the reply ,
Well im posting my code here ...
these are two tds i can even use div if this has a solution with it :

<td colspan="3"><img src="securimage_show.php" id="image"/></td>
 <td colspan="3"><script type="text/javascript">
document.write('<s'+'cript type="text/javascript" src="http://messagelock.net/adman/show.php?z=2&id=<?php echo $_SESSION['banid'];?>&j=1&code='+new Date().getTime()+'"></s'+'cript>'); 
// -->

I need to refresh both the tds in a way , that when they are set to be refreshed a page say refresh.php too will get refreshed(as this page sets a new value for the resp sessions that are used in these )

So please check this out .